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Some examples of the materials that we use: 


Provides excellent resistance to weathering and UV exposure, usable at low temperatures, frequently used in the household appliance industry, in window and door insulation. The Perox version also provides good resistance to high temperatures. 

CR (​chloroprene/neoprene)

A rather versatile rubber: due to the presence of chlorine, it has good chemical resistance and heat resistance (self-extinguishing properties in some formulations). Due to its good mechanical properties, it provides excellent elasticity, which is why it is often used to produce bellows.

NBR-HNBR (​nitrile and hydrogenated nitrile)

The nitrile compound NBR provides good mechanical properties and excellent ageing resistance, as well as good oil resistance. Depending on the formulation, very good performance at low temperatures can also be achieved.
With the addition of hydrogen to the nitrile rubber, the HNBR compound provides excellent resistance to heat exposure even over long periods, excellent resistance to oils and automotive fluids, and very good mechanical properties in terms of both tensile strength and abrasion. 

FKM (Viton Ⓡ)

Fluoroelastomers are very stable synthetic compounds used for various applications requiring high performance. Thanks to their high fluorine content, they guarantee excellent resistance to heat (even above 200°) and chemicals. Very popular in the automotive sector due to their low fuel permeability. (Attivar also uses an FKM compound with dual ASTM D814-95(2020) and SAE J2659:2012 certification). FKM also has good resistance to oils, solvents and acids, low gas permeability and flame resistance.

ACM e AEM (​polyacrylic)

These compounds offer a good combination of heat and oil resistance, which is why they are very common in the automotive sector as a good alternative to the more expensive FKM compounds. They also have a good resistance to oxygen, ozone, weathering and ageing. ACM-AEM compounds are mainly used for static applications as they do not offer good mechanical and elastic performances.

VMQ (​solid silicone HCR)

Once mainly used in industrial and medical applications, silicone is now also used in other sectors, thanks to its excellent elasticity in both low and high temperatures, combined with excellent resistance to atmospheric agents, ozone, UV exposure and superior insulating properties compared to other materials. In special formulations it is used for biomedical applications.

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