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gaskets and seals

since 1984

Tailor-made manufacturing

With forty years of experience, we work together with our customers to co-design and manufacture gaskets that fit perfectly with their projects and assemblies.
Our team of experts is available to assist you in selecting the most suitable material for your needs, including FKM, silicone rubber, HNBR, EPDM and many more.

Rubber and silicone gaskets and technical parts

Attivar is a leading manufacturer of custom-made rubber and silicone gaskets and technical items for every application.

We offer innovative and reliable sealing solutions for every industry, from automotive gaskets to aerospace bellows.

Custom gaskets and technical parts for every industry 

Thanks to our 40 years of experience, we operate in various industries.


We produce components for OEM (tier 2) and aftermarket parts, ensuring high standards of quality and reliability.

Home appliances

We supply rubber and silicone gaskets and seals for lids, caps and internal components, ensuring durability and functionality.


We offer sealing solutions for various industrial applications, ensuring maximum safety and durability.


Our components are used in railway and marine applications, ensuring maximum efficiency and durability.


We produce gaskets and technical items that are designed to meet the strict specifications of the aerospace industry.


We manufacture gaskets and protective parts for medical devices and surgical instruments, ensuring maximum safety.

Why choosing Attivar

Full technical support for every project.

We support our customers with an experienced technical team at every stage of every project, from A to Z.

Co-design or reverse engineering: we work with customers to design tailor-made gaskets or technical articles, or we develop a project starting from a sample or from two components that have to be assembled. 

Choice of material:   we recommend the most suitable material for specific chemical and physical resistance requirements, depending on the use of the end product. 

Mould technology: we select the most efficient mould technology and design to optimise time, cost and product quality. 

Production process definition: ​we define a tailor-made production process to guarantee the desired product performance. 

CONTAct us

Contact us to request information.

We will support you in finding the perfect solution for your needs.

Our tailor-made gaskets and seals can improve the performance and reliability of your product. We offer a wide range of materials and technologies to meet every production requirement. 



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